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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stuck in the mud

Starting in January 2011, GVI Kenya's marine team began looking at tree species present in our mangroves on Wasini Island. One year on, we still love this muddy fun survey and have gone back to our original transect to see if there have been any changes in 12 months. 

Kirsty and Chelsey - a little muddy but still smiling
The species present, and their distribution along Transect 1 from a first glance appears unchanged from last year. We will now look at the heights and widths of each tree to determine any growth in this area of mangrove, or any change in canopy cover. These help give indications of health of this important habitat. What we did notice, however, is that there is certainly an increase in the disturbance and cutting of trees observed on the route to the transect. For the first time we spotted a tree that had been chain sawed, usually only traditional harvesting methods have been recorded.
Sophie gets 'stuck in'!
As we come to extend our survey into new areas, and revisit those we have previously surveyed, we will keep you updated on any further evidence of mangrove destruction.