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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting down with kindergarten for music and movement

We arrive at the school on Friday mornings just at the end of break-time and are greeted by small children running at us from all directions holding their hands up for a high-five and attempting to cling onto the arms of any strong looking males in the group. This plethora of excitement continues as we herd them into the school yard along with the KG teacher and arrange them into a huge circle. The children will often take it in turns to jump into the centre of the circle and lead a song of their choice - they sing a line and we all repeat! Some are more confident about this than others and will make up dance moves to go along with the song which we all have to mimic. Their favourite thing to do is to call upon us unsuspecting volunteers to lead a song in the centre so that we have to step up, sing and dance around as crazy as we can. Even though I can only imagine how much of a fool I must look doing it, I always have such a great time, the kids and the volunteers spend the whole hour smiling and laughing at how ridiculous everyone looks.

Eric baffles the kids with his guitar skills
Having worked in a kindergarten for a year before coming to Kenya, music and movement class on Fridays with the little ones is always the highlight of my week. This hour each week certainly feels like a world away from any kind of job when you are singing and dancing with 30 excitable 3-5 years olds in the sunshine in a beautiful village on the Kenyan coast. The best part is, however, this IS part of our job for the next 2 months! Coming away from Base Academy I am always in high spirits, no matter how exhausted I am, and I look forward to the next week when I get to see the beautiful shining smiles of the kindergarten kids all over again.

Sophie Phillips,
Community Volunteer

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