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Monday, February 13, 2012

From Tsavo to Shimoni - one of our NSP's tells his story

Community work is really amazing. I really enjoyed teaching in Shimoni. Students are really brilliant and they are ready to learn. The students are so amazing, they even ask you for homework.

I wish I could have more time to be a teacher because I had only one week. By next week I will be in marine in Mkwiro. Today I taught standard 5 in Shimoni Primary School and it was very good. Kids are dynamic. I like their enthusiasm.

I come from Kenya in Tsavo West. It was extremely exciting to be in Shimoni. I have never been far from home for long and I am now living with people from all over the world. I like it! And I like to work with GVI. They make a difference in people’s lives.

Benjamin reads with KG at Shimoni Primary
I really hate to have such a short time with GVI, just 10 weeks, as I would really like to help students to improve their English as a second language. I like teaching but I have also enjoyed the forest project. I will really miss the kids. I also went to Matunda Bora Primary School for choir. The kids are awesome and I liked singing with the choir too. This is an amazing experience!