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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rays leaping at Kisite!!

Things are rolling along steadily with the marine project here in Kenya. It has been fun working on the water in the mornings while the sea is still calm.  After returning from the marine park our efforts continue with afternoon bird watching and land-based surveys.

A group of rays, spotted leaping clear of the water near Kisite Island

We have been seeing a few dolphins and many turtles while conducting our surveys. Last week groups of large rays were spotted in the area of Kisite Island multiple times while searching for dolphins. The rays would spin and flip upside-down acrobatically as they flew vertically out of the sea. To say the least it was a sight to see!  A definite identification is difficult to pin down but we have our ideas. Nearing two meters in width they are most likely Devil Rays but could also be small Manta rays.

It was incredible to catch the spectacular leaps on camera!

We will be keeping our eyes open for more rays in the area over the weeks to come. With some luck we will get a better look at these magnificent creatures of the sea!

Ben Cudmore, Marine Staff