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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GVI Kenya -a humbling experience

Coming from such a small Island, Africa was a big step forward. Sophie and I arrived in Mombasa and instantly we were shocked. The culture is so different to back home. Everyone is so happy especially the children – running along beside the taxi shouting Jambo! Jambo! Looking at what little they have it is totally inspiring. We met the GVI staff at the Reef Hotel eager and ready to start our expedition.  The staff were so friendly and helpful. We made our way to Shimoni then crossed over to Mkwiro. GVI staff didn’t lie when they said the base was basic. However you get used to living that way very quickly. There is something really great about surviving with the bare necessities of life. You really do come to appreciate the things you have but also realise how much really don’t need. It’s a humbling experience.

Life on base is basic! The group around a camp fire
The Marine project is fantastic. Getting involved with cetacean and Mega fauna conservation by collecting vital data at sea and land base survey sights. Snorkelling different reef transects to see biodiversity of marine life is always fun too.

I plan to someday come back to volunteer for GVI and perhaps stay for a longer period of time!