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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mkwiro Primary smash Wasini in epic games tournament

Last Tuesday, the community team were treated to a break in their teaching schedule in order to attend the annual games between Mkwiro Primary School and Wasini Town Primary School. This year the games were hosted by Mkwiro, which meant the furious sweeping and cleaning of the school from the early morning, in preparation for the visitors.
The first matches were due to start at nine in the morning, although of course this meant that Wasini did not arrive until well after nine thirty. 

Myself and the rest of the community volunteers were invited into the school library to attend a meeting between the two school boards, where officiators and schedules were finalized. I shook hands with an eager teacher from Wasini who introduced himself by way of saying: “We have come to compete. We have come to compete and we have come to win.”
Girls celebrating their volleyball win
Students from Mkwiro Primary and Wasini battle it out in a tense football match
The first matches to take place were the boys’ volleyball and the girls’ netball. It soon became apparent that Mkwiro were by far the stronger side in both events. The boys put Wasini to a quick defeat by two sets to love, with the girls securing victory in the netball no more than ten minutes later. The majority of Mkwiro Primary proceeded to stampede around the school compound, singing and chanting in celebration.

Marine Field Staff Ben watches the match with other students in trepidation
The afternoon saw us depart from the school grounds and walk across the island to the football field. We arrived around five minutes after kick off, by which point Wasini were kicking off again following Mkwiro’s opening goal to put them 1 – 0 up. It was a great atmosphere, with the majority of the village in attendance. 

The crowd were not disappointed by the remainder of the game – Mkwiro dominated and secured a sound 3 – 0 victory with ease.
Luke Guiness
Mkwiro Community Field Staff