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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hannah's first two weeks as a community intern in Mkwiro

Having been on the island all weekend, relaxing, settling in and getting to know one another the thought of heading into Mkwiro Primary School was both exciting and daunting. First up is TEFL training to prepare us for lesson planning, classroom management, leading a lesson and all the other secret knowledge of being an amazing teacher.

Hannah's first time lead teaching at Mkwiro Primary School
Feeling more prepared we head into the school to be met by enthusiastic pupils wanting to talk to us. ‘Madame what is your name? Age? Where do you come from?’  It was an encouraging start and although the last few weeks there has been some challenging moments in the classroom, as to be expected, teaching has completely opened my mind into how much accomplishments matter to the students. Whether it’s correctly using the right tense or even spelling a word correctly! I never appreciated how complicated the English language was until I had to explain to 20 children how to correctly conjugate verbs! 

We have been fully welcomed into every aspect of the school community both inside and outside the classroom. Helping with sports coaching was an obvious bonus for the teachers who work so hard every day, and it’s been amazing to be in this position to support such a great school the past two weeks.

Hannah Riddle
Community Intern