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Thursday, February 23, 2012

I've got really dirty feet...

I’ve got really dirty feet. But you get used to it. The people here are great and when you are in a paradise like Wasini Island you can’t complain. When we took our first steps on the island I was like… Woah sea urchins! Woah, Starfish!  There was so many new things for me because I haven’t been outside of my home country of Sweden before now.
Paradise - Wasini Island

At first the heat was unbearable but after a couple of days it felt like home. I haven’t missed the electricity as much as I thought I would and the squat toilets aren’t so bad. We have been going out on the boat every day and last Friday we saw Humpback dolphins with a newborn calf. The water has been rough in the afternoons because of Kaskazi winds, so we do a variety of different conservation and research activities. For dinner tonight we are going to make some delicious chicken and banana cake for desert!

Tobias Wigertsson