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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Start of expedition 104!

The start of Expedition 104 (October) has begun and everyone is excited for what lies ahead during the next 10 weeks. Staff met all the volunteers at the Reef Hotel in Mombasa and before you could say GVI Kenya, the bags and volunteers were on the buses and we were off to Shimoni. The trip took about 3 ½ hours and we were greeted by the rest of the GVI team in Shimoni, an ocean view and rows of tables and chairs with a bean stew and chapattis for lunch…YUM!

-- It took a monster effort to cross everyone to the island! --

After an amazing presentation from Sara, the volunteers grabbed their bags and settled into their homes either on Mkwiro or Shimoni for their first couple of weeks. It was a monster effort transporting 20 people plus luggage across the channel using both of our boats but it all went smoothly and now everyone is safe and sound going through their training to prepare for their time spent in the field.

-- Volunteers on Mkwiro base settling into new surroundings --

Volunteers currently on Forest and Marine are covering theoretical and practical training involving target species identification, behaviour, canopy and disturbance (forest), mark recapture (marine), among many other aspects. Community volunteers are currently going through their TEFL training (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and preparing for their lessons schedules for the week. Lots of hard work to be done over the next few days but hopefully also lots of fun too!