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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Adventures in the forest!

My first week on the coastal forest research programme and it has been an interesting change from Marine!

After learning about some of the species which reside in the Shimoni forest and the way data is collected and used for GVI, we were sent into the jungle!

During our first day out in Shimoni West we came across some difficulty finding our way through transect one, so later on in the week a team of us went out to re-mark the path so that further studies could be done a little easier! It involved lots of trekking, climbing over and under fallen trees and constant use of a compass to find the right direction, but we managed it with minimal scratches and bruises.

-- Trekking through the depths of Shimoni West Forest! --

Today my group also had the chance to do butterfly sweep netting which can look ridiculous but is a lot of fun. We managed to catch five different butterflies which we photographed, Id-ed and then released. I am really looking forward to what next week might bring and what else we will be able to see. I am also hoping to try out my newly acquired panga skills!!