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Sunday, October 24, 2010

On a rollercoaster!

The weekend was spent relaxing on the island and shopping in the local resort Diani. Following this the week started a little slowly which was definitely the right way to approach my Monday morning!

From then on though, it’s been action packed and busy every day! Life skills lessons, debate classes, English, music and movement, Italian, computer workshops and creative arts are all running well with the small volunteer team.

-- A view of Wasini Village in the sunshine --

Wednesday was Kenyatta Day, a national holiday, so without school lessons running we continued to work cataloguing books in the library, I took a German lesson and then we all took a trip to the other side of the island. We walked through the mangroves to Wasini Village to have lunch at a local and thriving restaurant called Coral Spirit. We arrived there sweating and covered in dust from the long hot walk, just as a group of ‘clean’ presentable tourists arrived! However, the ice cold drink was well worth it!

-- The Kenyan way to relax! --

The food was delicious and went perfectly with the stunning view. We all enjoyed the boat ride back to Mkwiro base and were fortunate enough too arrive just after the water run had been finished! But the real icing on the cake today was to jump into the cool sea; a chance to get rid of the dirt from the day and just float under the sun. The Kenyan way to relax!