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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A community transformed

If you asked me for just one word to describe GVI Mkwiro Community, it has the privilege of being regarded as AWESOME! The reason being the unquestionably positive reception and interaction it has with the surrounding local communities. It is clear that GVI is a pillar of conservation and capacity building here in Mkwiro – and why should I say so? Since we have begun the adult computer lessons again this Expedition, we have had quite a number showing interest and attending the sessions regularly.

-- Computer lessons are going really well! --

Working with the community is a task that might appear to be easy... but in fact in requires dedication, tolerance, motivation, perseverance, understanding, flexibility and honesty. The GVI approach is a bottom up, grass roots approach which requires direct community involvement and cooperation for programmes to develop smoothly. This is definitely demonstrated through the computer training we have currently focusing on the teachers, students and community members.

The past couple of weeks we have starting working through typing exercises and Microsoft Office Word, Powerpoint and Excel workshops to improve basic knowledge. This can then be applied to skills such as letter writing, proposal writing and accounting. With most students never having seen a computer before, progress can be slow but these skills can be incredibly important for increasing job prospects and expanding of the opportunities for the youth in the community.

This is not only a fantastic part of the programme but a definite sign that people in the community want to move forward together with GVI’s help.