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Friday, October 22, 2010

Paris Hilton, meet Tarzan!

Here we go! I’m in Kenya, on Wasini Island in a village called Mkwiro. Just one week ago I was used to warm showers, cold drinks, and going out with friends, a socialite perhaps, but now the situation has changed drastically. We shower with seawater, there is no electricity and my friends are mischievous monkeys who like to hang around base. Tarzan has taken over! But to tell you the truth it doesn’t bother me at all! The view is simply breathtaking, the volunteers and GVI staff are open minded people and the friendliness of Mkwiro population is overwhelming. I don’t miss any of home’s luxuries!

I suppose what best describes our life here on Mkwiro is “It’s all about teamwork!!” Everybody helps everybody! People from Australia, Sweden, Germany, America, Canada, Israel, England and Switzerland get along very easily - maybe it’s because we’ve all got the same aim: helping the community in one way or another.

-- Teaching these students is hugely rewarding --

Teaching in Mkwiro is challenging, but at the same time a hugely rewarding experience. Sometimes you have to improvise because you just don’t have the materials available that you would back in Europe. But the students reactions are immediate and they are very thankful. I am really looking forward to teaching again and seeing their faces light up. Being half Italian, I have started offering language lessons to the students of Mkwiro Primary School – they are going really well! Even though I only have one student, he’s such a quick learner and grasps even complex structures rapidly.

-- My Italian student is learning fast! --

So for the next two months Paris Hilton remains buried and Tarzan takes over. Strange but true: I love the idea!