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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HIV Awareness in Shimoni!

Recently in the Shimoni community we focused on HIV Awareness. Themes such as outlining what HIV and AIDS actually is, how it’s transmitted along with contradicting the common myths that are associated with HIV were the topics covered. To help demonstrate this Jayne and Rachel helped create a couple of wonderful posters which were created for the kids and adults to look at. They were a huge success and certainly helped sending the message across.

-Miriam and Luke with the pretty posters!-

On top of this, two major HIV Debates were held for our evening adult classes. They are considered to be controversial topics which included ‘Can Education and awareness help eradicate ostracism and stigma associated with AIDS’? We also covered ‘Has the new constitution influenced the AID’s problem positively’?

Both topics brought about interesting debates, along with thoughts and opinions from community members. In particular Harold and Abdul contributed very positively to the discussion. It was wonderful to hear the community members demonstrate a solid understanding of the issues surrounding HIV and AIDS and it was a learning experience for both community members and volunteers.