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Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Teachers in Town!

Finally we are here in Kenya! In our group there are eight of us, representing England, Sweden and Australia. It’s the first week for all of us so we’re very excited to get started with the community programme. We’ve been teaching in three different schools; Matunda Bora, Shimoni Primary School and Base Academy. It’s really interesting to see the schools and how they compare to those in our home countries. Not least the unusual cooking facilities.

-- School kitchen at Shimoni Primary School --

Soon the students will have their exams so we are preparing them using different exercises to help with their revision. In one of our maths lessons, we were given the wrong book by the Headmaster for our lesson planning so it got a bit confusing in the classroom! However, Giles improvised very well and came up with a new exercise.

-- Beatrice teaching English to Standard 8 --

For the wildlife club we told the students about our own national animals, such as the red deer, brown bear and kangaroo and showed pictures of them. We also played a territory game where the pupils had to guess how the animals protected their own territory. One group gave an introduction to basic ecology and tried to explain how humans are disrupting food chains and therefore the wildlife populations. Students told us about their knowledge of poaching and building cities, among other things. It was a great lesson, with a lot of interactive fun and laughter!
-- Emilia in the classroom --

We all enjoyed having these kids in class; they were all very well behaved, outgoing and happy, so we don’t think there will be any problems at all to teach these students over the next few weeks. We are looking forward to it!