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Sunday, October 10, 2010

New guys get stuck in!

The first week of expo 104 has been a roaring success! All the volunteers arrived safely, have successfully completed all their training requirements and are now out in the field working hard and having fun!

The team have had a great first week in the forest. Zeno, Tim, Lucy and Rachel have been leading the forest teams covering both Shimoni East and West with already many amazing sightings including Suni, Zanj Elephant Shrew, African Fish Eagle, Colobus monkeys, Sykes monkeys and even a Palm Nut Vulture.

-- Teams get stuck into surveying the forest --

Surveys including primate community, canopy coverage, bird point counts and disturbance have all begun, and everyone is loving being out in the field despite the ever-increasing heat as we head into the hottest time of year. Also, excitingly, the transect cutting on Shimoni West Transect 3 is coming along well, with teams heading out to create this small pathway every day. This means Shimoni West forest will be ready for surveying shortly.

-- Week 1 down, we look forward to the weeks ahead! --

The vibe in Shimoni house is also excellent with the group getting along well, and all are getting settled into their new home for the next weeks or months (for some) that lie ahead.