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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Whole New Term...

After some serious debate and voting the night before regarding song choice, we finally had the perfect song. Seven of us from the Shimoni Community team headed over to Matunda Bora Primary School and set up in the school yard for the first choir lesson of the new school term. After a warm-up song, Calie and the two Rachel’s took the lead as we taught the group “A Whole New World,” from the Disney movie Aladdin.

--The children of Matunda Bora sing and dance--
Once the kids had the lyrics down pat, our enthusiastic choreographer, Mister Sam, taught the students his unique dance moves. Meanwhile Fred and George were distracted by the kindergarten kids and consequently were lousy with crowd control. The kids, who certainly weren’t camera shy, picked up the lyrics quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the accompanying dance moves. Once of the boys even jumped up the front and helped us to lead.

--An afternoon enjoyed by both children and teachers alike--

The kindergarten kids and teachers enjoyed the entertainment. We had a wonderful afternoon with the children and have already decided on next week’s song. There is planning in the works for a performance for the parents in the near future.