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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friends of Shimoni Forest Scholarship Fund Success Part 2

So a couple of days ago you were all introduced to Fakii, our first recipient of the Friends of Shimoni Forest Scholarship Fund (FSF-SF). Today you have the pleasure of reading a bit from our second recipient – Mwanasha. She started at Shimoni Secondary School at the same time as Fakii.

“My name is Mwanasha Hussein, I live in Changai village, outside Shimoni. I study at Shimoni Secondary School. The school is very good and I like it very much. The pupils at my school are very clever and they are hardworking towards their studies.

--Mwanasha Hussein--

At my school I enjoy the lessons very much and I concentrate very well so that I can understand what the teacher s are talking about. My teachers like me very much because of my respect and my good behaviour towards them and my fellow students.

I am continuing to perform well and I hope that when we continue with our exams I will perform very nice and you will like my performance. You will also have an open heart because the money you are paying will not be lost.

--Mwanasha with her little brother and some friends--

In all the subjects we learn at school, my favorite subject is biology, because biology is a career subject. My biology teacher is very good teaching his subject, everybody pays attention so they can understand very well.

There are at my school many friends who I chat with during the resting times. Some of my friends are very funny. They like telling us some funny stories. I like my school very much, the way the pupils dress very well and they look smart. You as my sponsor will be very happy when you receive my results when we will finish our exams.”

As you can see from Fakki and Mwanasha, they are so incredibly grateful for the opportunity that FSF have given them. The opportunity to go to secondary school is not one that is taken for granted here in the small fishing village of Shimoni. So once again, to those of you that have donated to FSF, the words ‘thank you’ don’t really cut it. I get the pleasure of seeing the kids faces when they find out they’ve been chosen, and trust me on this....it’s worth it.

If you would like to help Friends of Shimoni Forest continue their conservation and community work, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/shimoni