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Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to Teach

My first week on community started out with an in depth TEFL training day, along with good advice and continuous guidance from the G.V.I. staff. Any of the anxieties or worries I did have about teaching was no longer a concern.

--Tutoring in a Standard 7 English lesson--

Being one of a group of six “newbie” community volunteers based on Mkwiro, we all worked together making full use of all the resources in the community room to plan our lessons for the week head. Our time table was jammed packed with a variety of different classes. This included Standard English, creative writing, Environmental Club, music and movement to name a few.

--Lots of energy in music and movement --

Brimming with new and creative ideas we had great fun thinking of learning activities we could incorporate into the classroom. Coming up with a new anthem for the Earth Club to the beat of the Queen song “We will rock you” was a good laugh and the kids loved it, to the point of having to repeatedly sing it at least ten times and still they wanted to continue, Freddie Mercury would have been proud!

Keeping up to thirty excitable children focused and under control seemed initially quiet a daunting task. However along with my fellow volunteers we each took it in turns to act as lead teacher whilst the rest of us focused on tutoring small groups within in the class, making sure they understood what was being thought and allowed for more fun filled interactive tasks.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week teaching at the Mkwiro primary school. I have gained a lot of valuable new skills, experienced firsthand local community life and meet a lot of cool and interesting people.

--Gaining valuable and unique teaching experiences--

I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a future teaching career or just looking for a holiday with a difference.