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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Keeping Busy in Shimoni

Since arriving in Shimoni we have been kept busy despite the schools being on holiday. Schools will be open next week and we will get started teaching soon. But there is a still load of things to prepare before opening day.

We have spent our time helping out on other projects that need doing in the community. We have been working on a design for a bin for the community. We are making it out of old sandals and water bottles using a touch of A.P.T (Appropriate Paper Technology) to stick it all together. We hope to produce at least two bins and we will eventually put them out in the village and the big dogs in the village (aka Mike and Abdul from the Health Committee) will make sure they are used.

-- Meeting the Head Master Mr. Opea from Mutunda Bora primary school--

We have also been trying to finish the First Aid presentation which will then be presented to one of the Community groups we work with. The aim is then for the locals to teach it to others to try and raise their awareness of different aspects of First Aid.

Today we started painting a couple of classrooms in one of the schools we teach at. This morning we conquered a classroom at Matunda Bora and drew a few pictures on the walls for children

--Prepaing the walls for painting--