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Monday, May 24, 2010

The challenges of teaching?

Teaching at Mkwiro Primary School during the rainy season brings some extra challenges: the corrugated iron roofing amplifies the pelting of the rain; the dim natural light makes the classroom dark and murky; the glassless windows let the rain pour through; and there was a leak on my head! At GVI, we team teach with a lead teacher (me today!) and some tutors which work with smaller groups (usually named Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.) This is a great help to the teacher, giving you help with classroom management and the ability to plan more interesting and interactive activities. This also gives the kids extra explanations and more interaction with a native English speaker.

--Interactive and engaging lessons assist the children's learning--

My previous TEFL experience was alone with 50 students, no materials and was much less structured (and ultimately more exhausting and less fun). Standard four (students aged 9-12) enjoyed their interactive lesson on senses, particularly when getting to feel and describe the slimy seaweed and the lesson ended with the rain still thundering down. Overall, a great success with the children excited and animated about what they were learning.

--Trying to be heard over the rain was a challenge!--

We left the classroom to find goats sheltering under a classroom roof and a herd of cows in the school grounds. Still, the weather and livestock can’t dampen our spirits; there is lots more planned working with Mkwiro Primary School in the coming weeks. I find it such a privilege to be involved and the challenges of teaching... they make it all the more interesting!