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Friday, May 14, 2010

Friends of Shimoni Forest Scholarship Fund Success

As most of you will be aware, we work very closely with the community based organization Friends of Shimoni Forest, who are active in local conservation and community initiatives. One of the most successful projects they have pushed forward recently is the Friends of Shimoni Forest Scholarship Fund (FSF-SF). We have been helping them raise money using the website JustGiving, and they have used the money to sponsor two children from Shimoni to go to secondary school – an opportunity only a small proportion of children get. They have carefully selected the children based on their interests in conservation, and in return for the sponsorship the children and their families have to dedicate at least one day per term to helping FSF. This could include anything from helping with the tourist trail, planting trees, collecting material for alternative charcoal and so on.

--Fakii Omar Juma--

Below is an introduction written by one of the children:
“My name is Fakii Omar Juma, I am seventeen years old and I was born in Shimoni village. I went to Shimoni Primary School for eight good years. I worked hard and managed to pass my national exams, and got a score of 282 although my target was to aim for 300 and above. Thereafter I joined Shimoni Secondary School with help from the Friends of Shimoni Forest Scholarship Fund. I am happy for that sponsorship as my parents will not have to pay anything.
--Fakii proudly wears his new school t-shirt--
At the beginning I was afraid to even touch my books because I thought everything was going to be hard for me, but the days went by and I saw that everything was easy like throwing a stone into the sea. At school we have a debate every Wednesday so that our English speaking becomes more interesting. Actually I became the speaker and the chairman of the debates.
I am so glad to be in form one because I have met many people from different places and different languages, and there are people who I have never met before who are so funny. We play volleyball so that we can enjoy ourselves and make our bodies strong and flexible.
When the exams were nearly here I left everything behind so that I could concentrate on my work. I actually read so much my head hurt. When the exams came, I saw everything was easy and I could recall all that I had read before. I thanked God because when the results came I was so surprised to see that I have got an ‘A’ grade in almost all subjects. My parents and my sponsors were so happy to see that.”
--Fakki assissiting FSF with tree planting--

All of us here are very proud of Fakii, as he is not wasting this opportunity. So for all of you who have kindly donated to FSF – from all of us at GVI, FSF and the kids who are now at school – THANK YOU!

Tomorrow I’ll post a similar introduction from the other sponsee! Until then...

If you would like to help Friends of Shimoni Forest continue their conservation and community work, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/friendsofshimoniforest