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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A view from the top

You would assume that marine research with GVI is all about getting out on the boat and exploring the ocean, and of course you would be correct! However, unbeknown to a modest volunteer like myself there are other scientific research methods out there.
Today I got to carry out my first land based survey, searching for dolphins. None of the boat rocking feeling for a whole day!
--Panoramic view from the land base--
Fully equipped with our professional new telescopes, binoculars, forms and the sacred portable Ipod, three of us set out on the short hike through the coastal forest up to the far eastern tip of Wasini Island. With a breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean, heat from the sun and the music playing, we set up our mobile office on the edge and got spotting!

-- Boat spotted from the land base during the survey--

Two snorkelers, a floating tree branch and four boats later... still no dolphins. Reflecting the true unpredictable nature of spotting! However, back on base we learnt the other group doing the land base survey had been in luck as they took full delight boasting about their sighting of the elusive humpback dolphin. An exciting spot! Bring on round two of the spotting competition!



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