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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Taming the Beast that is Shimoni Primary School

Working with five schools in Shimoni can be very tiring at times.  Still, at the end of each day, we are always left with a sense of accomplishment.  Being the only public school in Shimoni, Shimoni Primary has the largest class sizes by far and sometimes the trickiest learning environment to work with. With no lights and beat up chalkboards, every class has its own challenges.
Having been teaching here for many months now, it can be pretty frustrating to lose control of a class I’ve been working with for this amount of time.  With the class sizes ranging from 25 to 50+, the students can become distracted very easily.  From jumping over the tables to hitting each other with rulers, a loud voice is never the best method of classroom control.

It seems though now, I have managed to break through to the students.  Mixing up lessons with games and review activities, they are ALL attentive and willing to learn.  They know who the teacher is, what needs to be done and when.  Although students will always have different areas of struggle, new methods always help bring a classroom together.  I think it is safe to say, Shimoni Primary is ready to learn.

Eric Schrock
GVI Community Staff