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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Computer Lessons with Lisanne

Everyday at the end of the afternoon I take a walk through Shimoni to head to the local internet cafĂ©, Bum Bum’s. I love walking in the village on my own. The small kids will all come to you to hold your hand and show you the way around (which is quite helpful because I still get lost after living here for three weeks) and the adults will greet you and ask for your name when you pass their houses. 

When I arrive at Bum Bum’s I shake hands with the staff Nicky, who is a really friendly guy, and chat with him until my student arrives. This is not your average student though; I’m giving computer lessons to adults! Some of them have never used a computer before they started the course, but they are all very smart and pick things up really quickly. They get very excited when after a few times of trying they know how to change page orientation in Word or correct spelling and grammar mistakes. The simplest things keep being difficult for them though, for example handling the mouse. But I’m absolutely sure they will be professionals after they finish the course. 

Lisanne's Guides

After an hour of playing with Word it’s time to head back home again and check what the ones who are on cooking duty have created this time (only had great meals so far!). Most times the student who I have taught that day will insist on escorting me home and showing me new shortcuts to base, so I am gradually learning to find my way around Shimoni. One time I even got invited to someone’s home after computer class where I met his whole family and received a cap as a present. One thing is for sure – I love adult computer lessons!

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Jeff Meade said...

Hey Lisanne!! I need your help!

I'm drafting an international grant proposal right now (March 25, 2013) to connect the Shimoni Slave Caves Museum with the Smithsonian Institution and the Yunnan Nationalities Museum in Kunming, China.

I'm having trouble finding ways to connect the Shimoni Slave Caves to the internet, and how to connect the teens we'll be working with to digital media for sharing ideas with their teen counterparts in the US and China. The proposal is due in two weeks, and I'd like to speak with you about options for working together. I have some budget funds to make this happen if you can help.

Let's get in touch and discuss. I'm on twitter (@mobilejpop) and will send you a tweet to get us started. Thank you in advance