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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Donating to the schools of Shimoni

Kids of Shimoni 

School holidays! When school is out, it gives us an opportunity to organize ourselves and take care of things we might not have the time for during normal weeks.  I had the privilege of sorting the MASSIVE amounts of donations we had accumulated over the past few months from previous volunteers.  From shoes to wet towels there was no shortage of extremely useful things the children could use.  After splitting the items into groups, I dragged the mounds to one of our neighbors. When I got there, there were a couple of their little ones playing in the rain/mud slipping every which way, embracing the April showers. The ladies even gave us a discount since they knew we were donating it to the schools!
Some of our neighbours
A of couple days later, they had finished the load and it was all ready to be taken to the schools.  We piled the six bags into our van and headed off.  The journey was a rough one traveling through the streets of Shimoni but the smiles on the teacher’s faces were priceless.  Everything we had to give was never appreciated by us the way it will be by the children who receive them.

Since teaching is my main objective, it is easy to forget some of the most important other things that happen in this magical town.  Whether it is just sharing a smile with a little kid running through the street or feeling the joy of others during a donation delivery, Shimoni always has something new and beautiful to show you day after day.

Eric handing out donations 

Eric Schrock- Community Staff