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Friday, May 4, 2012

Drip drip, little April showers

The rain makes the ground thick with green vegetation

April, start of the rainy season, a blessing to many in the village of Mkwiro and it is easy to see why. The island has had a new lease of life over the past month with rains guaranteed every week, and when it rains....It pours. Greenery a plenty it is hard not to be tempted to spend an afternoon chilling out on a patch of grass with a traditional African picnic when the sun comes out. Celebratory songs can be heard from the school when as it starts to rain and throughout the village everybody embraces the rains as everybody keeps on smiling and greeting Jambo! I wish the same could be said in England! 
A vine snake in the rain 

Here on base buckets are filling up fast and there is even an opportunity to have a refreshing freshwater shower, alternatively just standing outside would suffice. Millipedes’ are enjoying themselves around base, barely walking one metre before you find a big gang hanging out. Fruits are springing up on the trees bringing with them Sykes monkeys (who sometimes steals a cheeky banana to finish their lunch off) and birds who always sound particularly cheerful in the morning and like to let everybody know about it!  It seems everybody loves the rain unfortunately this includes the sand flies who seems to be able to find anyone wherever they are, this can cause hilarious fashion consequences such as socks with flip flops. I know one thing for sure, there is going to be some very happy goats in Mkwiro this month!
Water is no longer a issue for this community for some time to come