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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Underwater Wonders

I’ve just arrived back to the island after a fantastic day out on the boat. We visited the Kisite Marine Park for a very colourful snorkel along the reef! The sun was shining hard and the turquoise water particularly inviting – it was so refreshing when we finally reached the reef and got to jump in!
We were immediately greeted with an impressive garden of coral and too many fish to count. There were lots of brightly coloured parrotfish, surgeonfish and unicornfish, and some impressive triggerfish too. Diving down I even caught sight of a huge grouper lurking in the shadows of the reef; and a Blue Spotted Ray resting on the sandy bottom.
The Blue Spotted Ray resting on the ocean floor

I was amazed by the sheer number of fish waiting for me today, I have snorkelled many places around the world and Kisite certainly did not disappoint. It’s great to see that this area is being well protected and it’s exciting to be surveying these reefs during my stay with GVI!