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Monday, August 1, 2011

The delights of the Marine Park

Week 4 here on Marine has been really exciting for all of us! We began the week with plenty of sightings of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Wasini Channel. Some of them were interested in our boat, bow riding and approaching us with curiousity - especially the juveniles who seemed to love swimming quickly and leaping along side the boat! The Marine Park has been teaming with delightful wildlife this week!!
Juveniles curiously approach the boat

We completed a number of reef fish surveys on transects 6, 7, 9, 10 and 15 - Katie even managed to spot 'Squirt' the Hawksbill turtle on transect 10! We were able to identify and photograph different Butterflyfish and Parrotfish, some of which were over 2 ft long!!

Parrotfish over 2ft long swim alongside us in the Marine Park
On thursday, we were even fortunate enough to be seeing dolphin sightings every half hour or so, including 4 Humpback dolphins integrated with a larger group of Bottlenose - it was surprising to see them socialising together. And today was a perfect end to a perfect week! Check our next blog to find out why!