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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A conservation Intern’s Experience

At the beginning of my week on community in Mkwiro village, I was slightly apprehensive about teaching.  However when I walked into the first classroom, I immediately felt at ease with the children.
The standard 8 children were really eager to learn and were enthusiastic when it came to answering questions.  They seemed really happy to be learning.
I really enjoyed reading with the children.  They were shy at first but after a few minutes they read confidently on their own. 

Earth Club on Tuesday was another highlight.  Douglas from KESCOM (one of our partner projects) came to Wasini to teach the children about the importance of turtle conservation.  I was surprised at the amount of children who came to Earth Club to learn, even though it was optional!
The children’s favourite thing seems to be writing on the chalk-board.  They would be off their seats waving their hands hoping to be chosen.  Doing this, along with hangman seemed to motivate the children towards the end of the lesson.

I have really enjoyed my time on community even after a few days the children remembered my name and enjoyed chatting with me between lessons.  Teaching the students in Mkwiro has been a rewarding experience which I will never forget.  I am now looking forward to working with local community groups in Tsavo National Park which will happen very soon!!

Jenny – GVI Conservation Intern