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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid - Celebrating Ramadan's close

Today is a day of celebration in the Kenyan coast. It is the end of Ramadan. During the last month, our muslim hosts have been fasting during the daylight hours, eating and drinking only before the sunrise and after the sunset. Hence, today is a very special day for them, as they can eat again normally.

Shimoni and its mosque at sunset during Ramadan.

Ramadan has had a strong influence also on our lifes during the last month. Even if most of us are christian, some people have decided to try to fast to, in solidarity with the local community, and sometimes successfully. However, even for the rest it has been sometimes challenging: finding something or somewhere to eat, have a drink or simply a tea or coffee was virtually impossible all along the Kenyan coast.

However, Ramadan is over, and some of us expect to have the opportunity to celebrate with the local people this special date, sharing a little of their joy, costumes and culture tonight.