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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

KESCOM Adventures!!

Today all of the conservation and community interns went to Vipingo, a small suburb north of Mombasa with incredible beaches and one of KESCOM (Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation and Management) bases.  Two GVI interns are based currently based here with 'Bureni Turtle Watch' and we hoped to see what their placement and the work of KESCOM conservation groups involves.
Vipingo is a beautiful and quiet place.  The interns here live near a big, white sandy beach.  We walked here and got to see the locations of some turtle egg nests which need to be protected. Back at the base in Vipingo some local Kenyan women had prepared us a delicious lunch of chapatti, rice, chicken and beans.

The intern group on their KESCOM adventure!
After lunch Charles, a local man who works collecting data and managing nests for Bureni Turtle Watch, gave us a talk about the importance of sea turtle conservation.  He also explained the work that is done in the local community such as education on sea turtles. Hunting sea turtles and incidental capture is still common in Kenya so it is important to give education and offer alternative livelihoods.
We also put forward out fundraising ideas to Charles, including a “KESCOM Ultimate Experience” day for tourists and turtle fun days for children. It was a valuable trip to go and see the KESCOM base in Vipingo, the work that is being done is so important for the sea turtles future.

Jenny Maltby
GVI Conservation Intern