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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bones, bones and more bones (and also something else)

After three years of monitoring and surveying in forests, hiking and running trough fields and wading through swamps and mangroves we had managed to collect over a hundred bones. Skulls were piling-up, horns transformed into coat hooks and tortoise shells were used as coasters. In short, it was time to organize. And last Tuesday’s rainy morning was the perfect opportunity for it.

The search of the lost species
Now, we have a real coding system, we stickered every item with a code referring to a database entry. To give you a quick overview; we have at least ten Colobus monkey skulls, seven Sykes monkey skulls, some Yellow baboons, an almost complete Sykes skeleton, a Galago, something we think is an elephant shrew, several common goats, a baby genet, some unlikely large Bell’s tortoises, a white tailed mongoose (as far as I can tell), and probably, a pangolin.
The almost full colobus monkey skeleton