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Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Awesome Shimoni Womens Group Jewllery Workshop!!

Last week Rachel, Fran, Jane, Luke, Noel and Miriam embarked on a day of teaching jewellery making to the Shimoni Women’s Group. The sun was beaming, the roosters were out and Madam Rachel was taking charge of it all.

The enthusiasm and excitement was overwhelming and perhaps too much for some, with everyone eager to start. A few volunteers needed to pick up the skills quickly in order to teach the local women how to make the bracelets, which they can then sell to tourists and generate an alternative source of income. The day went amazingly well, with beautiful bracelets being created. The team managed to make a total of 10 all up.

-- Jayne and Rachel hard at work. --

Firstly everyone practiced using string and tying macramé knots. Here’s lesson 101 on macramé knot tying: Using the same knot tied in the same direction creates a spiral pattern bracelet and if you interchange the direction the knot is tied in, you get a flat pattern bracelet.

-- Nat showing how it's done!--

After making sure everyone had perfected their technique, the time had come to move onto the real coloured hemp thread (black, red, brown and green) and colour beads which get added on the bracelet to make them extra special. It was lovely to see the women picking it up quickly, getting on with the work, but more importantly enjoying it!

-- The finished products--

At the end of the class, GVI Staff were so impressed by the end result, nearly all of us decided to buy one for ourselves! Definitely proof of the quality of work being done! Excellent work team!