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Monday, September 13, 2010

Community Time!

It is week nine of Expedition on the island of Wasini, an absolute paradise island, doing community work in the village of Mkwiro. On Wednesday, Mr. Mtengo, the village’s chairman, held an informative presentation on the Islamic religion and culture. He is a very articulate and intelligent man making the talk very interesting. It was especially vital for the community volunteers who are working with the community to understand the culture and society in which you are working with. There will always be things that you don’t understand but it is important to show that we are all on the same side of the pitch. We all walked away from the talk feeling like we have learned a lot.
-- Happy students in Mkwiro after Life Skills lesson --

On the teaching side, all the interns each led a class this week (a round of applause for us J). We all did very well teaching both English classes and Life Skills. We also finished decorating a standard 2’s classroom by filling in the alphabet. The paint had a clay like consistency and was therefore a bit hard to apply, but we are really happy to with the results and know that the students love it too.

-- Freashly painted classroom looks great --

Our community development projects this week was to help with the FAD (fish aggregate device), which is a way of creating an artificial habitat feeding ground for fish. This will aim to help secure income and food for the local fisherman, which makes up the majority of employment for people in both Mkwiro and Wasini. We pitched designs and searched the web for ideas coming up with five to six different solutions. Hopefully we will be able to build them and try them out in the coming weeks. It is all very exciting!