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Friday, September 17, 2010

From Little Things, Big Things Grow

At the start of 2010, GVI began implementing a free range chicken farming project in the village of Kasaani to provide a community group of ex-poachers with sustainable alternative livelihoods. Throughout 2010, GVI staff and volunteers have delivered lessons on caring for chickens, raising baby chicks, and, recognizing and treating diseases in chickens. In April, GVI also built the community a chicken coop to keep their chickens in at night.

-- David, the chicken project manager, caring for baby chicks --

In June, a batch of baby chicks was also given to Kasaani to start the chicken farming project and over the past three months the community has successfully raised these chicks. The chickens are expected to start laying eggs sometime in September. As such, GVI staff and volunteers spent a few days revising management practices for the chicken farming project and assisting the community of Kasaani to treat all of their chickens for mites.

-- Sara treats a chicken for mites by dipping it into a medicated bath --

Following the successful implementation of a new management structure for the CBO of Kasaani, GVI volunteers gave specific training to the chicken project manager on how treat all chickens for mites, ticks and other invasive insects. These lessons were very productive and the community of Kasaani is very excited about receiving their first batch of eggs from the chickens. Thank-you to everyone who has been involved in this project and helped to make it a success!
-- Happy and healthy chickens enter their coop for the night --