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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Experiences of a Kenyan student with GVI

Expedition 103 with GVI has been one of the moments in my life when I resolved my mind towards the importance of Kenyan youths being the leaders of today and that research and sustainable development is truly the integral resolution towards most of the problems faced by Africa, and Kenya in particular. It has also given me the inner belief that Kenya can surely solve its own problems but only lacks some capacity; besides, the youth in Kenya have the responsibility of making it a better country and rising to the occasion has always been an issue.

-- Noel Mbaru, on GVIs National Scholarship Programme --

I am Noel Mbaru, an environmental scholar with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development from a local university, Kenyatta University; I am a student from the local coastal region and a climate change leader through the African Youth Initiative of Climate Change (http://www.ayicc.net/ ). I got the opportunity to participate in Expedition 103 through the National Sponsorship Programme for which I truly thank the Global Vision International for presenting such opportunities for local youth.


My 10 week experience with the GVI related programmes - namely Marine, Forest, Community and Satellite Taveta Camp - were personally educational; the interconnectivity of the projects convinced me that as youth we truly have a purpose of creating a sustainable Kenya for ourselves. We, the youth, are no longer the leaders of tomorrow but of today. Check out my next blog for details of the most intense learning experiences of my life!