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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mkwiro Dispensary - Kind Donations

Exciting news about the Mkwiro Dispensary… Last week we visited a very good friend of GVI’s ‘Dr Kotak’, the owner of Palm Beach Hospital located in the popular tourist destination of ‘Diani’ on the South Coast of Kenya. After finally tracking him down when he returned from a business trip in Nairobi, we were quick to set a date for an informal meeting. Myself and Carolyn (a Community Intern) took off in our GVI vehicle ‘The Shrew’ up to Diani.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Dr Kotak’s huge smile and warm wishes as we hadn’t seen him in a few months. We sat down and over a cup of chai, began to explain the work we were currently doing with the Mkwiro Dispensary. After another in-depth discussion, many questions and copious amounts of burning hot Chai – Dr Kotak explained that he really respected the work GVI were doing in the Community in both Shimoni and Mkwiro. We had just finished talking him through the projects aims and objectives... when he suddenly started clapping his hands together and put them up in air… not quite sure what was happening, we held our breath waiting in anticipating on what he was about to say…. With a huge smile on his face he shared something with us….

‘My dears… I would love to help in any way possible, let me know what I can do.’

-- The dispensary gratefully receives these kind donations --

We couldn’t really take in what he said initially and sat stunned for a few moments before pulling ourselves together and thanking him profusely for his compassion and overwhelming kindness. We initially sought after Dr Kotak as we thought he may have some advice on what steps we could take to better improve the services of the dispensary. Secondly, to ask if he knew of any companies or agencies that might be in a position to donate a Blood Pressure machine as it was something the dispensary urgently required. Dr Kotak then stated that he wished to donate paint to redecorate the inside and outside of the dispensary, medicines to replenish the stock cupboard, bandages and barriers, surgical instruments, clocks, pillows, blankets, crutches, scales, curtains for privacy, proper clinical waste disposal units and some stationary.

On behalf of all the staff at GVI and the Mkwiro Dispensary and community at large, we cannot express our gratitude enough to Dr Kotak for his overwhelming generosity and kindness.

-- A huge step forward; the new supplies directly benefit the community --

Dr Kotak hopes to personally visit the dispensary and community of Mkwiro village within the next few weeks to have better insight into the needs of the village. GVI’s educational workshops with the trainee nurses will commence next week amongst many other projects such as painting the dispensary. This is a huge step forward in the development of the dispensary and we hope you’re all as excited as us here!! Stay in tune for the next update next week.



keziah said...

Amazing news guys! This is a huge step forward for the dispensary!