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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sophie takes a walk on the wildlife club side

Each week on Wednesday, the brave volunteers of GVI take on the mammoth task of teaching 30 or so excitable kids all about the wonderful environment that surrounds them and the animals that inhabit it. This week it was the challenge of myself and a fellow volunteer, Mike (as well as the other Community volunteers) to tame the children for just long enough to teach them about the trees that make up one of the community’s most important assets – the Shimoni Forest - and why they are important to them, to their community and to the animals.
Sophie and Mike teach children about trees at Wildlife Club

The wildlife club takes place at two of the four schools in Shimoni – Matunda Bora and Shimoni Primary School – each Wednesday. The children at both schools are always attentive, if not a little over-excited, interested and each week their knowledge of the forest, the ocean and the animals increases. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with the children outside of the classroom and get outside in the fresh air for some fun activities and learning! Living in a place where deforestation brings more instant gain to the community than conservation, it is important for the children to learn how vital it is to ensure the survival of the forest and its inhabitants, particularly our endangered furry friend the Black and White Colobus monkey. It’s wonderful to be a part of this aspect of the children’s’ learning, especially when you see how positively they all react to the lessons each week. They always love fun quiz games, big colourful posters and hi-fives – making learning fun is what it’s all about and Wildlife Club certainly does that!

Sophie Phillips
Community Volunteer