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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mike likes the flowers, he likes the daffodils. As do Matunda Bora choir!

Each week it is the pleasure of the community volunteers to lead the choir at Matunda Bora Academy. It is extremely gratifying as the kids are enthusiastic and excitable. When it’s time the students rush from their classrooms and gather in the shade of a tree at the back of the school, where the eager community volunteers and anyone else who would like to come are waiting. This week in particular some of the diehard conservation volunteers still managed to make their way to choir despite a five hour walk, a trip through a cave home to half a million bats and a bumpy bike ride back. I think this in itself illustrates just how much fun choir actually is.
The kids gather around the blackboard perched in the tree. They are all moving and jostling to get to the front to see the words of the new song. After we calm them down and arrange them so they can all see the singing can begin.

They catch on fast and soon have learnt the song in its entirety. After we have sung the song through a few times I feel the kids are ready to split into to two groups and first take turns to accompany each other then eventually sing in canon. Lead by the volunteers we have had a varying degrees of success but it is early days yet and I’m positive everyone enjoyed themselves. Also I’m sure the words “I like the flowers, I like the daffodils” will remain seared into minds of all the volunteers.

Mike Hilton
Community Volunteer