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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kate Barry's First Impressions of Life in Mkwiro

The first week on the island has been extremely rewarding and exciting. At first, the very basic living conditions were a little unsettling, but even after just a few days the group has embraced true island living. We wake up early to swim in the sea, a mere 30 feet from our own base camp. At night we lay on the cliff ledges and star gaze, the Milky Way spread above us, more vast and beautiful than most of us have even seen. We share chores of carrying water, cooking meals and cleaning the camp. Working together as a unit has brought us all closer, and most of us feel we have become our own community.

Mkwiro village is literally right next to camp, and the people have embraced us. We go over to teach English, play football with the children, or just grab some chai and chapatti from the small cafĂ©. We live without the comforts or luxuries of our western homes, and we feel more connected to the village because of it. I already feel a change in my perspective and attitude, I feel good and whole and present. I have the support of two communities on a remote island of which I am a part, and I couldn’t be happier.

Kate Barry
Community Intern