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Friday, January 20, 2012

Christina embraces island life

Upon arrival in Kenya I was quite impressed with the hustle and bustle of Mombasa. However, base camp in Mkwiro has a completely different feel. The sound of the waves, amazing views and cool breeze are all an instant reminder that you are now on island time.

Christina teaching verbs to Standard 5

After settling in and some training, we finally got a tour of the village outside our gate. Mkwiro is a small maze of huts and passageways. Children everywhere came to greet us with a smile, eagerly repeating “Jambo!” Many villagers have set up small businesses outside their homes to profit from the growing tourism in the area. Ladies sell chapattis and chai, while some of the men sell hand crafted jewellery. Even the young boys at the orphanage have taught themselves how to make bracelets to sell. All of their profits go into a community jar, which is spent on fish needed for making dinner. One thing they are certainly not lacking in Mkwiro is creativity.

Students identify the verb
                                  Surprisingly, after only one week in Mkwiro I feel completely at home. This small remote island off the coast is truly paradise.  

Christina Kennedy
Community Intern