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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A story from Norway

All community intern volunteers are now in Shimoni working with the community projects here. The school we have been teaching at is very different from the one in Mkwiro: smaller classes and the students have got pen and paper, leading to fewer distractions and being able to go through the lesson plan much more effectively. These are all things having to do with the fact that this is a private school. It is sad to see that the less fortunate learn less at school and as a result of that might have a harder time getting good jobs in the future.

-- View of students outside the school buildings --

Today, we told our Standard 6 English class a bit about Norway and showed them photos. For info: this blog is written by Mari and Bertil, both Norwegians. Bertil is originally from Sri Lanka and is referred to by the local as a 'black mzungu' (Swahili for foreigners). Funny! But, back to the main story: We then asked them to write a story about an imaginary trip they had taken to Norway (the object of the lesson was using past tense and adjectives). The stories were really varied and some very good, and here is one of them, written by Omar:

"One day my father told me that we were going to visit Norway. When the day came, we took a car from Shimoni to the airport. Then we took a flight to Norway. We travelled for 24 hours or 1 day. When we reached Norway the plane could not land because there was a lot of snow. We waited for one hour without landing after the snow was reduced, then we landed. I saw beautiful fjords. Then we went to a hotel and got some drinks. We could walk along using our feet. We saw a beautiful church called stave church. Then we saw a big mountain called Galdhøpiggen. It is the highest mountain in Norway. We also saw a long river called Mosjøen. "

-- The class learns all about Norway! --

Apart from the fact that Mosjøen is a lake, not a river, and that there were not a lot of adjectives in that text, it was a good imaginitive story! He is a student whose English has significantly improved after GVI started teaching the class in January.