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Monday, August 2, 2010

HELP! Teaching English!

Hello everyone! At this moment we have just come back from a potato-frying-lesson at the Matunda Bora School. The volunteers will enjoy sampling them later as Rachel prepares more delicious potatoes for lunch - there are many perks to being part of the community team! We are now looking through the window of the house in Shimoni where we arrived Sunday evening to do our community work; contemplating the week so far.

The week started with some teaching lessons and in the afternoon we attended some lessons to see the job being done. We could already put our newly gained teaching skills to the test on Tuesday afternoon with ‘lifeskills’ and Wednesday morning with an 80 minute English lesson. We had been slightly concerned this would be tricky for 2 Dutch volunteers like ourselves, but luckily these students are not as bothersome as Dutch students (!) and were very enthusiastic and responsive. This made our lesson very enjoyable and satisfying.

-- Enthusiastic children enjoy choir practise--

In the afternoon we joined the choir at the Matunda Bora School where we saw the students practising their songs for the upcoming parent evening. We were surprised when they spontaneously sang a song we recognised from home! The choir sounded good, but to be honest, the fun really started with a Swahili song in which they really poured their heart out.

-- Singing us a well known Swahili song! --

Last night we already had a preview of the forest research during a night walk. Though we didn’t see any animals, the site of the forest by night with a background of stars was amazing. This has been our week so far, we really are looking forward to the next.