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Friday, August 13, 2010

Beach Olympics - Part 2 - Forest Champions!!

So you’ve heard community’s side of things - now for the real course of events! In the forest group, we were confident going into the tournament, despite having been defeated last time. The current team being stronger than ever and everyone determined to win; plus we were definitely sporting the best costumes! The first three events did leave the scores pretty close - and contrary to what community claim the wheelbarrow race was won fair and square! But that left only three events to decide the winners.

-- The Forest Team; ready for anything! --

For the 3 legged race we paired up, tied legs together and made our way clumsily to the starting line. On your marks, get set, go! We all set off, tripping and fumbling over each other but moving quickly towards the first turn; one forest pair fell spectacularly and took out the team next to them, but the remaining teams sprinted on. There was some confusion, as three pairs reached the finish line almost simultaneously and all laid claim to first place. Impartial adjudication (from the on looking children!) stated that forest had taken first with community in second and third place.

-- Fantastic teamwork in the three-legged race --

The next test was the flip flop fling. The best technique for this event is debateable, a flip flop does not fly in the same way as a javelin, discuss or shot-put... backhand, forehand and overhead attempts were made and there were some remarkable and some pitiful throws! To our dismay, the community team took both first and second place, leaving the scores at 25 - 26 into the last round...

-- Unique throwing techniques for the flip flop fling --

The final event was a relay race with a twist - a 50m sprint then spin 5 times around a pole in the ground, then sprint back dizzy and disorientated. This would be the decider! Forest quickly took the lead, proving fitness and stamina is needed to endure a forest day! Community tried to close the gap, but we were too far ahead - the final dash to finish line by Zeno, our forest officer, and Kopa, from the Friends of Shimoni Forest community group, was close and both dived across the line, but we took first place! And the title of champions! Thrilled and triumphant, we jumped, cheered, bundled Zeno and like true sportsmen, gloated to the defeated community team!

-- Tim determinedly sprints in the relay race --

Forest - winners of Shimoni Beach Olympics 103! And already in preparation for the next tournament! Bring it!

-- The final scores - Forest Champions! --


Matt said...

GO FOREST!!!! I am proud of you guys...community never really had a chance did they? Not against the raw strength and endurance of the foresters. keep it up! Matt