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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fantastic exam results !

8Base Academy is a small primary school catering to students from Kindergarten through to Standard 6. GVI has been working with Base Academy for over a year now and in the last four months, our hard work has started to pay off in a tangible way.

Currently, GVI teaches standard 4 and standard 6 English at Base Academy. We also teach environmental education and life skills but our focus this year has been on English. In the last four months, our focus has been on teaching a revised syllabus developed by GVI staff and volunteers to compliment the National curriculum. We have started to experiment with new teaching techniques, those which have taken the focus away from the rigid textbooks used in classrooms throughout Kenya. We have also implemented reading and writing workshops to assist the students with their English on a more practical level.

-- The Base Academy students --

The results of these programs have been amazing. Comparing results from both standard 4 and standard 6 from May through to July shows a dramatic increase across the board in their English abilities. Interestingly, it has been the girls who have showed the most improvement.

-- A volunteer and her class, thrilled with the results --

In Standard 6, in May, the average grade for English was 39.22. By the end of July, the average had increased to 61.01 - an increase of 20 points! In May, all the girls in the class were failing English except 1. The lowest grade was 19. By the end of July, all the girls were passing English with the exception of 1. The lowest grade was 47. The average amongst the girls has increased from 36.6 to an amazing 64.2.

We are very proud of our efforts at Base Academy and to see such wonderful results in such a short time frame and been very heartening. Over the next few months, we plan on rolling out the same syllabus in the other schools we work with in the area.


keziah said...

This is absolutely wicked! An awesome achievement for the kids and go GVI community! Well done guys x