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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beach Olympics - Part 1 - Community Team

The Shimoni Beach Olympics is quickly becoming a GVI tradition - a contest of strength, stamina, agility and speed between GVI Kenya’s biggest rivals; community and conservation. Don’t get me wrong, during the working day we co-exist happily alongside one another, but when a competition is initiated, both take their loyalties very seriously. So yesterday, both teams prepared themselves for what turned out to be an epic afternoon.

-- The community team prepare --

Walking through the village, we got some puzzled looks and a lot of laughter from onlookers - the forest team had adorned themselves with leaves and vines and we in community had our faces painted and were wearing brightly coloured clothes. A procession of children (currently on school holidays) followed us down to the beach, and watched as we set up the first event. Going into the afternoon as reigning champions, the community team consisted of the community officer, 3 staff members, 3 volunteers, Kopa (a member of communities groups we work with) and 2 children from the schools we teach in. A brief team talk, some limbering up and we were ready for the first challenge - the limbo! A remarkable display of commitment and flexibility! Community started as we meant to go on in taking first place!

-- The first event - how low can you go?! --

-- Our champion in the limbo! --

Next was the wheelbarrow race; on community we were expecting a fair honest race, but the forest officer and team had other ideas. Two Dutch competitors mowed down a field of barrows with underhand tactics, leaving forest to take the gold and bronze places. We managed to gain second place, but still were low on points if we wanted to win the day.

-- Children watch with great amusement --

Round three was the long jump; a close run thing with some very impressive jumps and even more impressive collapses. Community came first in the men’s jump and second in the women’s leaving the scores 16 to community, 18 to forest - after three events there was little separation in the teams’ performance... See our next blog for the results of the afternoon!

-- A leap to victory? -- -- The GVI Olympics score board --