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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quickly and Happily... Felicity Teaching Standard 5

My second day as assistant teacher was definitely one of those that leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling. In the morning we set off with heads held high and coffee tins filled with pens and pencils. We were going boldly where no one had gone before… teaching adverbs of manner and time to standard 5. Yikes.

Candice was our leader for the day and with great enthusiasm launched us into the lesson. With group names such as lion, baboon and elephant I expected the children to be somewhat more boisterous than they were. As my group (leopard) coyly raised their hands to answer questions with me nodding and smiling encouragement, we made our way through the warmer game and then moved on to the main lesson.

Following a few examples on the board and a read through the exercise book they were away. Quick became quickly, happy turned into happily and a hush fell over the class as they concentrated on their work. The other tutors, Nick, Jules, AP and I were all amazed at how quickly the children had grasped the concept. I could even hear Andy giving minor instructions as the class was so quiet.

Time to liven things up a bit came with a quick game of Teacher says, an adaptation of Simon says, with lots of jumping up and down, acting like a chicken and, of course, singing beautifully. Time to finish off as I marked their work boldly in red with comments like “excellent work” and “well done.” I received such appreciative open, honest smiles in return that I wished that I had stickers for everyone. Unfortunately only the best group in the class were entitled to them though.

Bravely Nick, all 6 foot 4 of him, faced his group, stickers tightly in hand. “Mister, mister,” was the call on all sides as the kids surrounded him with palms outstretched. The funniest thing was the fact that he forgot to put the remaining stickers away before he left the classroom and ended up being mobbed by most of the school on our return trip home.