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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daisy, the Mr.Men and Stickers at Mkwiro Primary School

Daisy joined us in Mwkiro as a teaching volunteer and tells us of her experience:

Daisy (right) takes a break after class with her fellow volunteer teachers

"Today was the first day I lead a lesson. Tutoring small groups in the class had been really rewarding as the children are all so lovely and really enthusiastic about learning; but leading a lesson itself seemed incredibly daunting! However, it turned about to be much easier and more enjoyable than I imagined.

We reviewed adjectives, did some exercises in their books, the group read aloud some ‘Mr. Men’ books and came up with some amusing sentences to describe the characters – Mr. Happy has a rather large body!

We also played several games including ‘STOP!’ in which each group has to think of ten words each beginning with a particular letter, then will shout “STOP!” once they have finished (or before as the case may be!). There is often a lot of cheating which makes it funnier.

Generally the lesson went well until I made the fatal mistake of handing out stickers to the entire class. I was literally backed into the corner whilst children fought to get a sticker, hid it and then proceeded to try and get another one!

I really enjoyed the lesson and tutoring on the whole. The children are so funny, happy and always seem pleased to see you."