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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The News Arrives at Kasaani

When I visited Kasaani two days ago to announce that the construction of a water pipeline directly into the village was going ahead, the faces of the community members beamed with joy.

The people of this community are currently travelling over 3km daily to collect water from the nearest supply in Cess; the return journey is uphill making the trip tiring and time consuming. The absence of a water supply in Kasaani has been an ongoing issue in this community for over 10 years and as such this announcement was of huge significance to the people of this village.

When the announcement was made yesterday, the response of the community of Kasaani reflected their overwhelming gratitude and excitement about receiving a water supply. Although the availability of clean water is something that the developed world takes for granted, for many communities in Africa, issues of obtaining water constitutes one of the greatest challenges for daily subsistence. This project may not solve the issue of water availability throughout Africa, it will however, make a significant difference to over 3,000 people living in and around Kasaani village. I feel privileged to have been involved in the planning and development of this project, and I’m eagerly anticipating the construction of this pipeline with our project volunteers in August of this year.




Sara Mayer said...

Congratulations Sara, GVI and Kasani! This dry, dusty, dynamic town deserves development so much! (especially with all their dancing, those guys need water!) What a proud moment for everyone involved - and how very cool for the august volunteers to get to participate in this life changing event!